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A&J Capital's seasoned professionals have engagement experience across a wide range of industries and asset classes, including commercial real estate, private equity, and distressed investments.

What is your typical project size?​


Project sizes from $20 Million to $300 Million, with an average project of approximately $50 Million.


What if a project is outside of the typical investment range?

We are flexible and are committed to quality deals, and therefore will not dismiss a deal purely on size alone. We evaluate each opportunity on its own merits.


Do your engagements encompass only Commercial Real Estate projects? 


No. Despite our recent focus on commercial real estate, we also boast considerable experience with lower middle market companies.


Do you have any overriding criteria?​

For our EB-5 projects, we have a critical focus on job creation/preservation and economic enhancement. For our private equity and distressed opportunities we emphasize attractive return with appropriate downside protection.


What is EB-5?​

Please click for more information on the EB-5 Program


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