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The company has the following job opening

A&J Capital, Inc. seeks Financial Analyst.


Master's degree in Finance, Economics or a closely related field required.


Job duties:

1.) Perform financial modeling on projects, including cash flow analysis, waterfall model, scenario analysis, and sensitivity analysis to determine the suitability of projects and forecast business and industry conditions.
2.) Collect and interpret data on valuation, market study, financial statements, and other factors affecting target investment projects to perform due diligence tasks.
3.) Monitor project developments, review periodic construction updates and financial reports, and analyze construction funding disbursements, draw requests, various financial covenants such as LTV, DSCR, cost overrun, and other activities related to post investment management.
4.) Coordinate and communicate with developers on project status, construction reports, financial strength, earnings pro forma, documents process, financial reports, administration and prepare reports for management review.
5.) Verbal and written communication with agents and consultants by using Microsoft Outlook, Wechat and other software with project updates and funding schedule requests, and providing construction progress report for project investors.


Salary: $86,070/year


Worksite: Alhambra, CA

Mail resumes to: A&J Capital, Inc. 1609 W. Valley Blvd., Suite 328, Alhambra, CA 91803


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